Local numbers for Skype user

Local Numbers for Skype user

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Local number

Dual channels, multichannel or toll-free local numbers. Select one or many from our extensive, ring them all on your Skype.


Account online portal providing for dynamic forwarding option, VoIP account settings, VM management and various reports.

Corporate Skype

Get a multichannel Skype user, ringing on your corporate IPBX. Enable calls from Skype network, to reach your IPBX.


Provide a way to call from your IPBX to Skype network users, by simply dialing the requested Skype name.

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  • ITC will provide you a local telephone number in the requested location along with its account settings.
  • Unless otherwise is specified, all numbers can receive up to 2 simultaneity incoming calls.
  • Incoming calls to your number will be considered a local call to the dialing party in the same location.
  • The monthly cost of service covers incoming calls to your number at a fixed monthly charge.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Local Numbers?

    Say you live in Canada, and you plan to travel around the world for business, but you want an affordable way to keep in contact with your colleagues. All you have to do is get a Local Number local to Canada, and your colleagues in Canada can call you on that number at local rates. When they want to call you, simply open your computer, sign yourself in to Skype and answer the call when it rings – and you pay nothing to answer the call.

    How many Local Numbers I can forward into my Skype account?

    There is no limit, you can forward many local numbers from any countries you like.

    Can I forward Toll free numbers into my Skype account?

    yes you can,.

    I want to order Local Number but the country is not in your list

    Its should not be a problem, Please send us an email requesting the country you like and our salesy will contact you in 24 hours.

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